Michael Jackson – ‘Black Or White’ (Song 14 of 16)

31 Oct

Yes. Michael fucking Jackson. Let’s face it – we were all jealous of Mac for getting to hang out with Jacko, even though he was our age, in the early 90s. It seemed a little odd. Now we know why. But anyway, this song led me to buy my first album, ‘Dangerous’, on stereo cassette, so will always be important in some way. The song is still pretty decent. I love how it starts. A kid is playing some pop-metal and his Dad orders him to turn the volume down. Instead of doing as he’s told, he instead proclaims ‘eat this’ and blasts out some 90s chart pop – namely this, as if it’s supposed to be that much more extreme. It isn’t, but it’s a neat single spoiled only by the cod-wrapping at 2:43 which itself proceeds an actual pop-breakdown. Yes, a breakdown. It’s a nice message but I think being black sure as hell mattered a little to Jacko in the late 80s because he had an operation to make himself white don’t forget.


Agree? Disagree? Discuss.

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