Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff – ‘Dizzy’ (Song 13 of 16)

31 Oct

What’s better than a key change? The answer is twelve key changes, which is one more than the original of this hit from 1969. That’s the thing I love about the charts in the 90s – they were open to a few oldies, or revamps of a few oldies. It wouldn’t happen now, and that’s one of many reasons why today’s charts suck. Fucking forget getting a record deal now unless your single is either about clubbing or living on a London estate. Anyway, I actually prefer this one to the original Tommy Roe version, which is a bit slow and ploddy. This cuts right to the chase with a listenable guitar riff and passable vocals. Despite the childish lyrics, this is pretty rockin’ for a 90s chart-topper. Vic Reeves’ vocals are actually better than those in the Wonder Stuff’s regular work, at least on record. The Ventures even covered this, minus singing but with additional trumpet, and it’s worth a listen because the Ventures rocked.


Agree? Disagree? Discuss.

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