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OK! magazine wins exclusive picture rights to Kerry Katona’s marriage to frying pan

19 Sep

By Slick Nick


After days of intense speculation, OK! Magazine has won exclusivity on the publishing of photographs taken at the forthcoming wedding between Big Brother reject Kerry Katona, 38, and a frying pan. The 128-page issue, set to comprise only the wedding photos and a page of coupons and crossword puzzles, will go on sale in mid November following the lavish ceremony at Chorley Civic Centre.

Journalists have struggled to keep up with the events of the whirlwind romance between Katona and the cooking item bought for her as a gift following her humiliatingly early exit from the Big Brother house earlier this year. An unnamed friend, who first met Katona at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in March, bought her the frying pan ‘to help make her favourite foods for curing hangovers’.

Since then the couple grew close and were spotted at various celebrity hangouts such as the Bradford Bacteria Grill restaurant and bar, apparently lured in by a ‘buy 2 buckets of chips and get a free crate of lager’ special offer. Within days, a wedding proposal from Katona followed.

‘The best men get snapped up so quickly,’ she said. ‘I wasn’t going to let the frying pan of my dreams get away from me.’

Bride to be: But will this marriage last more than a few months?

Some commentators have voiced concern for the frying pan, claiming that the instant new found fame will be too much for the cooking utensil to handle. These fears come as Katona is about to complete her fourth interview with the Bradford Evening Gazette. It hasn’t dulled the couple’s sex life however, which has been described by Katona as ‘right on the money’.

The alcoholic ex-popstar believes that the marriage will last forever, with the frying pan showing a great deal of love for Katona. It has reportedly encouraged her to significantly cut down her cigarette habit to 40 a day.

Now the whole nation will get to own the memories of Katona’s special day. In a deal worth dozens of pounds, OK! Magazine will publish the Katona wedding issue, devoting half of it to the Atomic Kitten’s family and friends, and the other half to the pots, pans, cutlery and utensils that will make up the frying pan’s guests.

ITV2 are rumoured to be in talks to televise the event, which would make it the first wedding in the north of England to be captured on film of any kind.

Only time will tell as to whether this is the real thing or if Katona is using the occasion to cling desperately to the eyelashes of the public eye.

Groom: The pan that captured the heart of a Katona

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