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CV Tip #54 (Evel Knievel)

19 Oct

Sadly, life deals us a cruel hand from time to time, which can make certain elements on a CV look a bit suspect.

Having said that, always think carefully about how you phrase these tragedies on your job applications:

‘I done well in my Year 9 SATS and was in top set all though High School but I have crap grades because i hardly sat any exams due to a motorcycle accident which I can prove happened.’


CV Tip #43 (Ordnance Survey)

19 Oct

From a field-based retail worker:

‘The Stores I visited were Glasgow to Plymouth and then Newcastle in that order – As you can see I enjoy driving.’

And as you can see, probably never looked at a fucking map in his life either. What a waste of petrol expenses that little adventure must have been.

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