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CV Tip #1 (Odd one out)

22 Oct

Sometimes, I believe CVs were written to test me in the same way a religious person may think famine or war is a test for them.

When I saw the mess below, I had to wonder which one of the bullet points was actually the odd one out for a few seconds before deciding it was point five.

1 Cleaning
2 Clecting glass’s
3 Severing
4 I’m trust worthy
5 Intelect

CV Tip #28 (Jeremy Kyle guest)

22 Oct

Most people in Britain live a fairly mundane existence, so it’s unusual for CVs to contain any decent hobbies or extra curricular activities, not least amateur film production.

If you’re acting in front your mate’s camcorder though, avoid going into quite as much detail on your character’s little nuances though because it won’t help your prospects of employment on bit:

‘I play a cocky troublemaking chav, instigating trouble and baring witness to a murder.’

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