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Collateral (2004 dir. Michael Mann)

11 Oct

Taxi Driver, minus pimp genocide, goes all Rear Window in act three.


Closer (2004 dir. Mike Nichols)

3 Jul

Two guys and two girls fall instantly in love and all fuck each other.


Sideways (2004 dir. Alexander Payne)

30 Jun

Fuck addict and scribbler prove that nice guys really do finish last.


Bullet Boy (2004 dir. Saul Dibb)

10 Apr

An innocent boy avoids the path to becoming a Daily Mail headline.


Envy (2004 dir. Barry Levinson)

9 Mar

Magical shit spray changes the lives of two Jews and a hasbeen.


Napoleon Dynamite (2004 dir. Jared Hess)

4 Dec

Overshadowed by retro soundtrack, poorly-dressed asperger’s sufferer persists with promoting cassette-playing paraphernalia.


Melinder And Melinder (2004 dir. Woody Allen)

26 Oct

Alongside debuting mixed-race relationships, Jewish auteur has dinner table types invent entire narrative over main course.


Troy (2004 dir. Wolfgang Petersen)

4 Oct

The fuckhole of one lady brings about the death of thousands of male models at the beach.


9 Songs (2004 dir. Michael Winterbottom)

2 Oct

Young couple disperse unsimulated fuck sessions with several concerts of mediocre retro rockers in dangerous south London area.


Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004 dir. Michael Moore)

29 Sep

Completely impartial and unbiased politics/economics lesson sees flesh pile antagonise golfer-cum-President.


Before Sunset (2004 dir. Richard Linklater)

18 Aug

Nine years after a night of penetrative sex, well-mannered man and woman have a catch-up on reasonably-priced boat ride.


Crash (2004 dir. Paul Haggis)

6 Aug

Ethnic stereotypes object to other ethnic stereotypes in stereotypical American city.


Alexander (2004 dir. Oliver Stone)

22 May

Length of protagonist’s flowing locks at various times aids understanding of confusing, non-linear narrative.


Supersize Me (2004 dir. Morgan Spurlock)

18 Apr

Groundbreaking documentary sees greedyguts reveal to an unsuspecting world that eating junk food relentlessly is bad for your health.


The Terminal (2004)

4 Apr

Stranded fuckwit resolves social problems in exchange for heavily-promoted junk food, whilst squatting at airport.


Meet The Fockers (2004)

17 Jan

Meet The Parents remade with additional animals and pensioners.


The Kingdom (2007)

15 Jan

Compelling history lesson gives way to fun Call Of Duty inspired death-a-thon.


Torque (2004)

7 Jan

Aided by butt rock and blue-screen work, evil rap legend seeks to destroy non African Americans and primary colours.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

30 Dec

College rock subject matter snuggles gently with Total Recall‘s exact opposite.


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