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The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

5 Nov

Hitchcock music man’s London gig is spoiled by non-fatal shooting in anti-Christian thriller.


Saboteur (1942 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

21 Sep

Wealthy caucasian terrorist bombers perpetuate what must be a Daily Mail reporter’s vision of hell.


High Anxiety (1977 dir. Mel Brooks)

7 Sep

Jewish comedian commits borderline genre fraud and gets justifyably shat on.


The Trouble With Harry (1955 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

25 Aug

Two couples bond over numerous unofficial funerals of emaculately-dressed carcass.


Marnie (1964 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

12 Aug

Mother’s whoring and act of manslaughter causes mental health problems in later years for James Bond fuck target/wife.


Dial M For Murder (1954 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

15 May

Frightfully well-spoken British gents plot to have slut garrotted, before other gents nearly have her hung from neck until death.


Shadow Of A Doubt (1943)

30 Dec

In a picturesque, ordered suburb, man and neice battle to say own name more times than the other.


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