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Envy (2004 dir. Barry Levinson)

9 Mar

Magical shit spray changes the lives of two Jews and a hasbeen.


What Just Happened (2008 dir. Barry Levinson)

24 Nov

Cinematic dog shooting and controversial facial hair almost ruin various fictional Hollywood careers.


Sphere (1998 dir. Barry Levinson)

16 Nov

2001/Event Horizon/Jaws ideas plagarised under water whilst Tarantino’s treasured African American enjoys acclaimed literature.


Sleepers (1996 dir. Barry Levinson)

7 Oct

After getting away with gun homicide, boisterous lads celebrate in style by spoiling infamous Frankie Valli pop standard with poor acapella rendition.


Good Morning, Vietnam (1987 dir. Barry Levinson)

1 Oct

Like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest collided with Capital FM and replaced baseball ban with annoying catchphrase.


Toys (1992 dir. Barry Levinson)

25 Aug

Well-nosed emitter of broad comedy staunchly opposes production of vaguely fun play things in surreal manufacturing plant.


Tin Men (1987 dir. Barry Levinson)

24 Aug

Inadequate driving ability from two arsehole salesman types inspires marriage breakdown and automobile vandalism in Baltimore’s past.


Wag The Dog (1997 dir. Barry Levinson)

19 Jun

Two Hollywood legends interupt each other and supporting cast members constantly whilst overseeing news/country music production.


Rain Man (1988 dir. Barry Levinson)

8 May

Archetypal 80s yuppie shithead introduces vulnerable idiot genius to gambling, skirt and maple syrup on Oscar-y road trip.


Bandits (2001)

7 Apr

Charming burglers in denim and obvious hair pieces fall out after seeking the use of the same captured lady’s fuckhole.


Bugsy (1991)

25 Feb

Testicled half of Bonnie And Clyde provides world-class dictionary service and skincare to mobsters in the 30s.


Disclosure (1994)

22 Feb

Fuck veteran fails to get past third base with corporate slut type, then discusses techniques for manufacturing clapped-out computing equipment.


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