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CV Tip #173 (The Holy Bable)

8 Dec

Let me say this once and for all; praying is not a hobby. It’s a deeply flawed and futile waste of time.

It’s also not worth stating on a CV, especially if you’re also demonstrating your total ineptness at writing English.

“I Enjoy Praying Jehovah God Yoroba Host, Watching TV Sport, News, Attending Bable Class,”




The Reaping (2007 dir. Stephen Hopkins)

7 Jan

Like The Omen with a vagina amongst Jerry Springer archetypes, with additional cheapo CGI.


CV Tip #52 (Sunday School)

15 Sep

When wrapping up a CV, pay close heed to the order of activities listed in your interests, lest you leave some interesting images in the recruiter’s mind:

‘…other interests, church, Christianity, The Bible, motocross and enduro-rally…’

CV Tip #86 (Great works of fiction)

14 Sep

‘My reading is not just limited to fictional books

Fucking brilliant. I’d love to know how one goes about reading a book that doesn’t exist.

It’s a shame one of the books in your extensive library isn’t the Oxford English Dictionary – that way you’d learn the difference between the word ‘fictional’ and ‘fiction’.

The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988 dir. Martin Scorcese)

7 Aug

Director of Christianity gets the horn during death after forming a short-lived gang in pre-Biblican times.


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