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The Bride Wore Black (1968 dir. Francois Truffaut)

6 Sep

A wank over Hitchcock by French auteur results in Kill Bill blueprint.


Bed And Board (1970 dir. Francois Truffaut)

16 Aug

Copier of John Lennon’s sex life swaps one crap job for another.


Anne And Muriel (1971 dir. Francois Truffaut)

19 Jul

After driving woman insane with his penis, French beta male fucks her sister in a barn.


The Woman Next Door (1981 dir. Francois Truffaut)

6 Jul

Devastating nose cannot repell mistress from seeking seconds from male lead.


A Gorgeous Girl Like Me (1972 dir. Francois Truffaut)

28 Jun

Discussing slut’s previous fuck partners leads to imprisonment of poindexter.


Confidentially Yours (1983 dir. Francois Truffaut)

15 Jun

Pervert breaks several employment laws to prove he did not commit shotgun attrocity.


L’argent de Poche (Pocket Money) (1976 dir. Francois Truffaut)

8 Feb

Girly-haired lads bond over child abuse and tit-spotting in French Rear Window.


Mississippi Mermaid (1969 dir. Francois Truffaut)

17 Dec

Not unlike Vertigo in colonised Africa, with cigarette manufacturing instead of police work.


The Last Metro (1980 dir. Francois Truffaut)

18 Nov

Forbidden Jew oversees play rehearsals from basement hovel whilst girlfriend gets felt up by lead thesp.


The Soft Skin (1964 dir. Francois Truffaut)

1 Oct

Academic and airplane slut travel the country looking for licensed premises to fuck in.


The Story Of Adele H. (1975 dir. Francois Truffaut)

22 Sep

Desperate scribbler begs soldier for a fucking before going off the rails mentally.


Stolen Kisses (1968 dir. Francois Truffaut)

17 Aug

Amidst multiple career changes, fuck buyer conducts some sleuthery.


The Wild Child (1970 dir. Francois Truffaut)

14 Aug

God of auteurs stops forest child from acting like a football fan on match day using the alphabet.


Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977 dir. Steven Spielberg)

16 Jul

After arriving late for band rehearsal, alien mothership kidnaps Jaws academic with ease.


The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups) (1959 dir. Francois Truffaut)

12 Jul

Not unlike a black and white Ferris Bueller’s Day Off underpinned by French poverty.


Fahrenheit 451 (1966 dir. Francois Truffaut)

22 Jun

French auteur makes colour debut by presenting harrowing dystopian future where oppressed citizens are forced to live in world without WH Smith.


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