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CV Tip #173 (The Holy Bable)

8 Dec

Let me say this once and for all; praying is not a hobby. It’s a deeply flawed and futile waste of time.

It’s also not worth stating on a CV, especially if you’re also demonstrating your total ineptness at writing English.

“I Enjoy Praying Jehovah God Yoroba Host, Watching TV Sport, News, Attending Bable Class,”




CV Tip #104 (Office LOLs)

31 May

Very few employers are looking to hire a David Brent figure, especially an evangelical one, so avoid puting statements like this on a CV:

‘I am an enjoyable character who brings a joy to the office by the grace of Jesus Christ.’

The Reaping (2007 dir. Stephen Hopkins)

7 Jan

Like The Omen with a vagina amongst Jerry Springer archetypes, with additional cheapo CGI.


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