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The Game (1997 dir. David Fincher)

16 Sep

Like a more dangerous Truman Show, with 85% of the lightbulbs removed.


Black Rain (1989 dir. Ridley Scott)

11 Sep

Mulletted constable plays a round of Neil Buchanan’s Finders Keepers in the far east.


Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (2009 dir. Mark Waters)

12 Apr

Dickens ideas duplicated to drive sales of cheap DVDs forward.


Romancing The Stone (1984 dir. Robert Zemeckis)

5 Nov

Cut-price Spielberg presents cut-price Indiana Jones in Hispanic shitholes.


The American President (1995 dir. Rob Reiner)

19 Aug

Pool expert wins over the hearts of the nation, including new sperm rescepticle, without ever standing still.


Wall Street (1987 dir. Oliver Stone)

24 Jun

Underpinned by stock-trading gobbledygook, ruler of 80s yuppie shitheads commits common assault on apprentice yuppie shithead in the rain.


Disclosure (1994)

22 Feb

Fuck veteran fails to get past third base with corporate slut type, then discusses techniques for manufacturing clapped-out computing equipment.


Falling Down (1993)

25 Nov

After surviving Hispanic shootery, man-Christ causes trouble for stupidly-named detective and equal opportunities police department.


Basic Instinct (1992 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

30 Oct

Slutty scribe makes Seinfeld postman uncomfortable and then mates.


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