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Amos & Andrew (1993 dir. E. Max Frye)

8 Dec

Racism leads to slapstick.



Wild At Heart (1990 dir. David Lynch)

25 Aug

Wackjob auteur brings The Wizard Of Oz up to date with added sexual assault, gratuitous murders and karaoke.


Peggy Sue Got Married (1986 dir. Francis Ford Coppola)

20 Aug

Italian-American beard’s Back To The Future, without incest or doomed sports car.


World Trade Center (2006 dir. Oliver Stone)

20 Aug

Narrative pace slows considerably when brash New York constables spend two-thirds of running time under rubble in a single location.


The Cotton Club (1984 dir. Francis Ford Coppola)

19 Aug

Alongside watching extremely annoying tapdancing/jazz shows, dapper Herman Munster gets in with the wrong crowd.


Kick-Ass (2010 dir. Matthew Vaughn)

13 Aug

Dedicated masturbator fights organised crime archetypes with offspring of eccentric DC comic fanatic.


Adaptation. (2002 dir. Spike Jonze)

7 May

Cleverclogs drama sees gigantic asexual scribbler give away ending mere seconds before final credits roll.


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