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Soldier Of Orange (1977 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

26 Nov

Queen of phlegm-throats gets treated to live PG-13 sex show in London.


Spetters (1980 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

21 Sep

Dutch coming-of-age epic sees three biker types experience chips, gang rape, disco, group wanking, brawling and both vaginal and anal sex in the wake of Saturday Night Fever.


Business Is Business (1971 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

3 Sep

Experienced fuck seller goes the extra mile for wackjob customers, and provides slapstick, in Holland.


Katie Tippel (1975 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

28 Aug

Inexperienced hooker climbs social ladder after selling handjobs at competitive prices in Dutch oldern days.


Flesh+Blood (1985 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

8 Jun

Mercenary team leader takes ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ seduction theory to extremes by raping and attempting to murder desired lady.


Turkish Delight (1973 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

9 May

Borderline Dutch porn flick emits aura of Breathless, with shitting dogs, hammer-smashed craniums and additional fucking.


The Fourth Man (1983 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

20 Apr

Dutch nose spoils moment of ejaculation by speaking of Biblical figures before experiencing world’s fastest haircut and mental breakdown.


Black Book (2006 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

3 Mar

Tit-happy auteur brings patended brand of ultraviolent soap opera plus Biblical imagery to Nazi war criminals.


Basic Instinct (1992 dir. Paul Verhoeven)

30 Oct

Slutty scribe makes Seinfeld postman uncomfortable and then mates.


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