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The American President (1995 dir. Rob Reiner)

19 Aug

Pool expert wins over the hearts of the nation, including new sperm rescepticle, without ever standing still.


A Few Good Men (1992)

25 Mar

Amateurish military lawyer struggles to get proper baseball game started whilst defending two US army cliches in beautiful court room.


When Harry Met Sally (1989)

20 Dec

Tedious couple put viewers out of their misery by enjoying long overdue fuckfest in gag-neglected Woody Allen homage.


Misery (1990)

13 Dec

Godfather offspring endures ancient concepts of medicine after completing admirable sports-writing montage.


The Bucket List (2007)

21 Nov

Two Hollywood veterans consider firing agents after too much blue-screen work.


Stand By Me (1986)

20 Nov

Persued by a teenage Jack Bauer, four all-American pre-pubescents discuss tits and cartoons in the woods.


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